listen back

If you missed out on attending previous Plotting the Future events you can listen back to podcasts or watch videos of the majority of the lectures.

Eva Horn

Being in the Air. An aesthetic and intellectual history of climate – HI Distinguished Guest Lecture by Professor Eva Horn (Vienna).

Zoe Kavanagh

Glass to grass goodness: Ireland’s dairy opportunity

Danny Dorling

Slowdown: The End of the Great Acceleration

Ian Gough

Climate change, Inequality and Sustainable Wellbeing

Rick Crownshaw

Climate Change, Literature, and the Future of Memory – lecture by Rick Crownshaw (Goldsmiths).

mark o'connell

To Be a Machine: Encounters With a Post-Human Future – lecture and reading by Mark O’Connell.

maja pantic

Artificial Intelligence: What if machines could sense how I feel? – talk and interview with Maja Pantic.

Brett Scott

The War on Cash by Brett Scott, campaigner, former derivatives broker and author of The Heretic’s Guide to Global Finance.


A Human Attachment Crisis: Can the Robots Save Us? by Kathleen Richardson (De Montfort University)


Robots and the Law – the Problem of the Liability Diffusion by Professor Susanne Beck (Leibniz University)  

Mary Aiken

The Cyber Effect: Children and Young People in an Age of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and the Internet by Mary Aiken.


Interview with Judy Wajcman about ‘Automation, Robotics and the Temporality of Everyday Life’


Professor Anne Fuchs, Director of the UCD Humanities Institute, gives an introduction to the ‘Plotting the Future’ series.